Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School is established by the Taipei City Government with an aim to strengthen high school education and balance regional development between Nangang and Neihu. Therefore, Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School is named after the first and last words of “Nangang District” and “Neihu District”, and positioned as an ordinary high school. In July 1994, a preparatory office was set up. At that time, Mr. Cai Xiankou, Section Chief of the Second Section of the Education Bureau in Taipei City Government, also served as the director of the preparatory office. During this time, he completed the plan for the construction of a new school building. It was Liao Juntian Architects that designed and supervised the design and construction.

  On July 1, 1995, Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School Preparatory Office was formally established, and Mr. Tai Kuo-Chen, previously the director of the Children’s Education Center, became the director of the office. Mr. Tai actively planned the details of the new construction of the school building. Because the school is located on a hillside, Taipei City Government is very cautious about the development of the hillside due to the fact that earthquake 921 had just happened and had caused a lot of damage to some hillside regions. Therefore, all matters such as geological drilling, environmental impact assessment, urban design review, soil and water conservation, and special structural design review were all under strict supervision and examination. Director Tai led his staff of the preparatory office to overcome difficulties three years straight with perseverance and fortitude. In June 2002, the construction of Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School was officially completed.

  • Principal Tai Kuo-Chen
    Principal Tai Kuo-Chen
  •   On August 1st of the year 2002, Taipei Mayor Ma Yingjiu presided over the inauguration of the first principal, Mr. Tai Kuo-Chen. During the ceremony, Mayor Ma Yingjiu highly expected the school to become a model of an e-generation high school and cultivate outstanding young people with world vision. The first principal, Mr. Tai Kuo-Chen, also marked being macroscopic, proactive, youthful, dynamic, informational, and true to life as the main axis of the future education of Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School in response to the mayor’s expectations. In September of the same year, recruitment of male and female freshmen began with 15 classes of 626 students. Under the leadership of Principal Tai, Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School set information, language, sports, and ecology as the characteristics and direction of the school’s development. The English gifted class was established in 2003. With the joint efforts of teachers and students, it has repeatedly achieved good results. Parents and students yearn for entering Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School. Principal Tai retired in 2005.
  • Principal Hsieh Ying-Yu
    Principal Hsieh Ying-Yu
  •   Principal Hsieh Ying-Yu took office on August 1, 2005, and established a physical education class in 2006. The school focused on the development of Chinese, information, sports, and astronomy, and had won third place in the “Young Diplomats” competition in 2006. In 2006-2008, the school helped host the Taipei City Sports Meet and also the National Sports Meet, received a cultural exchange group of high school students from Singapore, and served as the chairman of the committee of Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students in Taipei in 2008. After ten years of hard work by the two principals, the school’s visibility in the education industry has become increasingly prominent. The number of students in our school has increased year by year. There are 49 classes in the school, including 3 English gifted classes, 3 physical education classes, and 1 resource class.
  • Principal Sun Lan-Yi
    Principal Sun Lan-Yi
  •   In August 2012, Ms. Sun Lan-Yi was selected to serve as the third principal. Principal Sun shouldered the glory of creating the new era of Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School. She established two experimental classes—Math Writing Experiment Class and Scientific Experiment Class. Under her guidance and through the efforts of all teachers, the school managed to develop diverse school-based special courses and has hence become a brand guaranteeing teaching quality and is recognized and highly supported by the community and the district.
  • Pricipal Tung Chia-Chu
    Pricipal Tung Chia-Chu
  •   In August 2016, Mr. Tung Chia-Chu was selected to serve as the current principal. Adhering to the qualities of earnest engagement embraced by all the principals ever since the school was established, he endeavors to promote life education, international education, and professional education services on the existing basis, aiming to create a friendly and warm campus environment.
  • Principal For-Tsi Jyi
    Principal For-Tsi Jyi
  •   In August 2022, Ms. Jyi, For-Tsi was selected as the fifth principal and the second female principal in the history of the school. Principal Jyi comes from the Affiliated Senior High School to the Normal University. Not only does she have rich experiences in school administration, but she is also one of the authors of the Chemistry Textbook and the Natural Science Inquiry and Practice Textbook for 108 New Curriculum Guidelines. She is also a member of the Competency-Oriented Standard-Based Assessment Development Committee of the Normal University Psychological Assessment Center as well as a committee member for compilation and refereeing of literacy-oriented test questions in the National College Entrance Examination Center. Principal Jyi’s educational philosophy is to “lead the teachers and students of Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School to develop self-confidence and work together to weave dreams and enjoy learning.” She will continue to lead teachers and students to weather challenges, taking on them, and overcome them bravely.